Your offer, effectively designed and perfectly timed, to captivate your carefully selected target market.

Solo Values lets you customize all the elements of a direct mail program — the mail list, offer, copy, design, schedule, postage type, and mail frequency — to ensure that you get the results you deserve.

  • Select your list
  • Your mail list is the most important element of a successful direct mail campaign. Solo Values makes it easy to get the perfect list.

  • Create your offer
  • Your offer is the urgent appeal you make to your audience in order to get them to attend your event, buy your product, contact you, etc. Your offer is one of the most powerful elements of your direct mailing. We'll make sure you your offer works for you.

  • Write your copy
  • The single most important element of your copy is the headline. We'll help you write a great one that compels your audience to act.

  • Design your postcard
  • Choose from a variety of postcard sizes. Then, we'll help you create a design that catches attentions and shakes your audience into action.

  • Schedule the mailing of your postcard
  • Unlike other mediums that lock you into one monthly, bi-monthly or annual schedule, Solo Values lets you choose when you want your postcard to mail.

  • Choose the type of postage you prefer
  • Solo Value allows you to mail your postcards via first class or standard mail.

  • Select your mailing frequency
  • When one just won't be enough, Solo Values can help you produce and mail a campaign of postcards.