What is SMS??

SMS, Short Message Service, is the technical term for texting. SMS texts are typically 160 characters and can be sent cell phone to cell phone or web to cell phone.

How does it work?

  • Advertiser chooses a unique SMS keyword to appear in their print ad
  • Consumer texts the advertiser's keyword to 825725
  • Consumer gets welcome and offer text back
  • Consumer is now part of advertiser's mobile loyalty program. Advertiser blasts text to consumers daily, weekly or monthly

Valpak SMS Product Value

Valpak SMS Mobile messaging allows you to extend the reach of your direct mail insert to engage with consumers. Consumers who want the convenience of having money saving offers with them wherever they go.

With SMS Mobile you get:

  • An advertiser specific keyword(s)
  • A customized print ad that highlights the SMS campaign
  • Ability to acquire mobile database of engaged consumers

SMS Mobile allows you to:

  • Push competitive offers that drive transactions
  • Connect with consumers who want their offers via text
  • Text your mobile members with an immediate offer to generate business
  • Reach consumers between Blue Envelope mailings
  • Connect with consumers that don't receive the blue envelope