More Than 100 Years Experience

  • Cox Enterprises, Inc.®, the parent company of Valpak®, is the 6th largest advertising media company, by sales, in the United States.*
  • A name you know. Cox Enterprises, Inc. has major holdings in newspaper, television, radio, cable, Internet/interactive industries and automotive services.
  • Cox companies have been connecting advertisers to audiences for more than 100 years!
*Source: "Media Industry." Hoovers. Web. 06 Jan. 2012.

Full service direct marketing
from traditional direct mail to online delivery

In 2011, more than 51,000 unique businesses choose Valpak for their advertising needs. We handle all the details for our clients including:

  • Sophisticated targeting options;
  • Campaigns tailored to meet your business goals;
  • Custom graphic design of your advertising pieces using proprietary research and 44 years experience for results;
  • High-quality, premium printing; and
  • Distribution to highly qualified and responsive consumers.
*Source: Valpak company records

Four decades of best practices in direct marketing

  • Since 1968, Valpak has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses attract customers with proven, specific advertising offers.
  • The company is comprised of approximately 170 active franchises in the US and Canada.*
  • Nearly 20.2 billion ads were delivered in over 488 million envelopes in 2011*
  • Valpak offers it all, from marketing strategy and developing ad concept, to graphic design, quality printing and distribution.
  • reaches an online audience with a demographic mix many marketers prefer.
*Source: Valpak company records

The Brand Consumers Know And Trust: Valpak &

It's the most recognizable form of direct mail advertising there is -- the Blue Envelope®. For 40 years, consumers have depended on Valpak for great values and exciting offers. People anticipate the blue envelope because they know it delivers great money savings from national and regional advertisers as well as businesses right in their neighborhoods. Consumers can also access, for savings and values near their home, work or where they travel. Easy search and navigation functions allow consumers to find advertiser offers fast online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From dining and entertainment to home improvement, supermarkets to superstores, dry cleaning and auto services -- advertisers span a broad range of industries both in the envelope and online. It is the company's goal to offer valuable products and excellent service, exciting promotions and surprises to support the ever-changing needs of consumers and advertisers. Valpak and, There's something in it for you®.