With Valpak's precise audience targets,
you'll be able to maximize your direct marketing results.

From mass-targeting to precision placement, Valpak offers you multiple ways to speak to those qualified consumers who are most likely to want and need your products or services. Whether you want to reach busy families, professionals, active retirees, or homeowners, you can trust Valpak to help you craft a successful offer and deliver it to your ideal consumer.

Unlike other advertising mediums that blanket large areas, there's no wasted coverage with Valpak's targeted mailing zones. You can buy national and execute locally to reach your specific target market.

Introducing Neighborhood Trade Areas®

Valpak's direct mail uses a unique proprietary segmentation system called Neighborhood Trade Areas (NTA®). The selection criteria for an NTA is part of the reason why the Blue Envelope offers a high level of performance and measurability.

An NTA is a logical group of approximately 10,000 addresses within a geographical area based on income levels and carrier routes. With NTA, you'll be able to target qualified customers geo-demographically for the best possible results every time.

Use the Blue Envelope to:

  • Zero in on your best customers. Send your message to a single NTA, city, DMA, or any combination that matches your desired consumer profile or coverage area.
  • Perfectly target your message. Who is your best customer? What do they look like? Valpak allows you to send your message to those consumers with the demographics you're looking for — age, gender, homeownership, purchasing behaviors, income, families with children, etc.
  • Precisely time your message. Valpak mails each region of the U.S. and Canada once per month so your message arrives within a targeted time frame in the city, DMA, state/province or region of your choosing.