Whether you're marketing on a local, regional or national scale, you can talk to America directly with the Blue Envelope — Valpak Cooperative Direct Mail

When you're looking to maximize your advertising results, look to the Valpak blue envelope. No matter what business you're in — dining and entertainment, home improvement, health and beauty, automotive, and much more — Valpak provides you with a full range of professional marketing services and 40 years of expertise to ensure that your message reaches your ideal customer.

What is the Valpak Blue Envelope?

The Blue Envelope is a cooperative direct mail medium that contains a mix of ads from national, regional, and local advertisers. Depending on your marketing strategy and budget, you can choose from a variety of formats, including coupons, flyers, postcards, and more with a variety of color and targeting options.

  • Valpak is delivered to approximately 113 U.S. Nielsen markets (DMAs), in 48 states and three Canadian Provinces.
  • Nearly 20 billion ads are delivered annually inside the Valpak Blue Envelope.
  • Each year, more than 53,000 businesses choose Valpak for their advertising needs.
  • Nearly 490 million envelopes are mailed annually to over 42 million unique addresses in the U.S. and Canada.

Why is the Valpak Blue Envelope Right for You?

  • Valpak results are trackable and measurable, unlike most mass media. Watch your ad dollar work for you as your offers are redeemed and sales transactions grow.
  • Keep your message in-front of consumers and your brand on their mind. Valpak mails 12 times per year, helping you keep your message top of mind with consumers.
  • Reach each household for a fraction of the cost of a stamp. Since Valpak is a cooperative mailing, you're sharing delivery costs with many other businesses. Thus, the postage and production costs are shared, letting you maximize your marketing dollars.