The Blue Envelope has a format to fit your needs.

The Blue Envelope® is Valpak's direct mail flagship product being delivered to over 42 million homes each month in the United States and Canada. It features savings from over 53,000 advertisers each year from local to national brands. The offers and savings inside the envelope come in a variety of formats and fall into two distinct groups (core and specialty) as well as special programs to target top categories.

Basic Formats

Core formats in the Valpak envelope include 1, 2, & 3 panel sizes. Side one is 2-color or full color - four inks. Black, magenta, cyan, and yellow make up the full spectrum of colors. The number of colors on side two is 0 or 4.

Valpak has a variety of in-envelope products. All products will be generated using a Premium Color® (4-Color Process) on white glossy paper, except specialty formats, such as cardstock, magnets and supplied inserts. The format options for Premium Color® include:

  • 1 Panel Coupon (3.5" x 8.25")
  • 2 Panel Flyers (7" x 8.25")
  • 3 Panel Flyers (8.25" x 10.5")

Specialty Formats

  • Superflyer (10.5" x 16.5")
  • Coupon Booklets (3.5" x 8.25" in 8, 12 and 16 page formats)
  • 1-Panel Coupon on 9pt. Cardstock (3.5" x 8.25")
  • 3-Panel Flyers on 9pt. Cardstock (1 & 3 panel cardstock pieces are BRM formats.) (8.25" x 10.5")
  • Coupon Magnets (3.5" x 8.25")
  • Client Supplied Inserts

The ink process is defined as:

  • 4-color Premium Product: Four inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) that make up the full spectrum of colors.


The Valpak Superflyer offers you the ability to have a tremendous amount of space on which to get your message across. This format is ideal for restaurants with a lot of menu items, real estate businesses who would like to show off their many properties as well as a whole host of other possibilities :

  • Enhance the consumer experience with exciting and valuable content
    • Something different in the envelope
    • The large format (10.5" x 16.5") makes it stand out
    • Different content provides more value (calendars, schedules, important numbers, menus, etc.)
  • Differentiation for Valpak versus the competition
    • Affordable pricing ensures you will be ahead of the competition